Atavus Rugby Camp

Atavus Rugby Camp

  • Atavus Rugby Camp
Atavus Rugby Camp

Fishers, IN

Sparta Training Academy
10080 E 121st St, Fishers, IN 46037 USA
Mar 11 - Mar 12, 2017
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Male | Female
AGES: 12 +



*Group Rates Available

This two-day USA Rugby Academy Training Camp will establish a strong technical foundation for game understanding, accelerated skill acquisition, and encourage athletes to apply their technique under increased pressure, and act instinctively in both attack and defense. Available for male and female athletes ages 14+ (players are segmented by age and ability).

Our Coaching Philosophy
  • Develop instinctive athletes
  • Maximize player potential
  • Prepare athletes to achieve their goals
  • Train skills necessary for the modern game
At Atavus, we train an Attacking mindset by creating an environment where athletes see opportunity and are encouraged to experiment. We want every athlete to leave an Atavus program feeling inspired and wanting the ball in their hands. We focus on developing the critical the critical skills necessary for the modern game with an emphasis on getting behind the defensive line using vision, awareness, and creativity. Our process is player centered and outcome-oriented, driven from the why. Skills are trained through a combination of technical execution, pressure, and context, using variable & deliberate arctic to accelerate skills development and fortify transfer from the training put to game day.

Developing Modern Rugby Athletes
  • Get behind the line: Step off both feet, and accelerate into space through contact.
  • Maintain and preserve space: Pass off both hands at the right time, with the correct weight & manage their alignment, foot-speed & running lines to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Create and manipulate space: Read the micro & macro cues of the defense.
  • Give life to the ball: Keep the ball alive through offloading, inject energy with effective support lines, create fast ball.
  • Manage defensive situations confidently, regardless of space and mismatches: Track & tackle effectively off both shoulders, and understand how to manage space to their advantage.
  • Slow down opponent's attacking ball to regain advantage: Effective & deliberate actions post contact.
Atavus employs USA Rugby National Team coaches and athletes who stand for our philosophy and work together to develop our programming & curriculum.
Photo of Jenna Blackstock Jenna Blackstock Sports Psychologist

  • AASP certified sport consultant
  • Master's degree in sport and health psychology from Adler University
  • She works with a wide range of athletes from Team USA triathletes to high school volleyball teams
  • Her methods equip athletes with the mental tools necessary to help them perform at the peak of their ability

Photo of Andrew Suniula Andrew Suniula USA 15s Eagle

  • San Diego Breakers
  • CSM București
  • London Wasps (2013-2014)

Photo of Matt Trouville Matt Trouville USA Eagles Rugby World Cup 2015


  • USA Eagles - Rugby World Cup 2015
  • Seattle Saracens


  • Atavus, USA Rugby, Seattle Saracens, & Australian Barbarians


  • Seattle Saracens
  • Atavus Rugby - Program Development
  • Atavus Regional Sales Manager


  • Hometown: Cronulla, Sydney AUS
  • Has played rugby since 1992
  • Enjoys surfing and the outdoors
  • 2013 USA National Falcon Squad (player)
  • Australian Barbarians
  • Southern District Rugby Club
  • NSW Waratahs Academy
  • ACT Brumbies Academy
  • Australian College of Physical Education

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Group Rates

  • 5 athletes = 10% Discount

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