[K-State Sports] Atavus Football Holds Tackling Clinic at K-State

Building on its work with other top Division I football programs, Atavus Football introduced high school coaches from across Kansas to its Rugby-inspired, shoulder-led tackling system developed to provide a competitive edge in today’s quickly evolving game and new sets of rules. During the weekend of Friday, May 6, Atavus coaches met with the K-State Football coaching staff ahead of the clinic to introduce the Atavus Tackling System™ – the company’s proprietary, technique and data-driven approach to safer and more effective tackling. Atavus coaches then gave an interactive seminar and on-field demonstration to some of the top high school coaches in the region hosted by K-State.

“At a time when the pressure on coaches to win and to be more competitive has never been greater, and with a heightened awareness of head injuries across the game, coaches are seeking real solutions to improve their defenses and enhance player safety,” said Atavus President Ron Lloyd. “For the betterment of the game we all love, we believe every head coach, defensive coordinator, parent and administrator at all levels of the game should be asking themselves if each and every one of their coaches is adequately trained and prepared to coach proper Rugby-inspired football tackling to athletes.”

During the 2015 college season, Atavus worked with defensive coaches at Washington and Ohio State, where both teams saw dramatic improvements. The Buckeyes became the nation’s No. 2-ranked defense in points allowed, while the Huskies were the No. 1 defense in the Pac-12. With its foundation in Rugby-inspired tackling, the Atavus system of shoulder-leveraged tackling techniques removes the head as far away as possible from the impact area and therefore reduces the risk of injury at the point of contact.

Rex Norris, Atavus Head of Football and a highly respected 25-year veteran of high school football and rugby coaching, provided coaches attending the clinic an overview of the Atavus Tackling System™, including examples from the company’s ongoing work with the Huskies, and Buckeyes in addition to the University of Nebraska and leading high school and youth programs in Washington state and Texas.

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