[TIAR] A Day At The High School ATAVUS Resident Camp

Last week we were lucky enough to spend some time at the ATAVUS High School Resident Camp at the University of Washington. For those who aren’t aware evert sumner ATAVUS has several camps around the country for all different levels. The resident camp that we attended was for high school students, both male and female, and lasted from Sunday to Thursday. The camp attendants were put through multiple sessions a day focusing on different skills and then stayed in the UW dorms at night. Overall there were roughly 60 players in attendance.
The day we were out at camp the players were split into different groups according to their playing position. The props got to work with former Eagle Shawn Pittman, the centers ran through the paces with Damien Fatongia and Waisale Serevi, while Mel Denham ran the flankers just to name a few. The players were then put through several games of touch based on their age. All in all, it was an impressive group of players that responded well to the challenges.
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