[The Washington Post] Counter-Intuitive Idea That Could Drastically Reduce Football’s Concussions

By Terrence McCoy / The Washington Post

Football Concussions – The hit didn’t look that bad. The coach had seen his star defensive player withstand far worse. But still, there Chris Beranger was, laying on the turf after colliding with a teammate near the goal line.

“Discombobulated,” is the description that Sean McDonnell, coach of the University of New Hampshire’s football team, uses when describing players in these moments. “He wanted to play still, and we said, ‘No, you can’t.” That was the last down Beranger, who had suffered a concussion, would play. “The effects kept lingering and linger and lingering,” McDonnell recalls. “He had headaches and couldn’t concentrate in class. Sunlight was bothering him.”

There’s got to be some way to alleviate this, McDonnell said he wondered as he watched Beranger, who had the fourth most tackles in school history his sophomore year, slowly realize he would never play again. But how do you do it?

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