26 10, 2016

Is this camp 7s or 15s specific?

This camp is primarily focusing on 15s specific content. Athletes will be put into groups based on their 15s position.  If an athlete hasn’t played 15s they should still attend and coaches will put them in a group best suited for their skill set!  This camp however is still a selection venue for Atavus All [...]

10 11, 2015

ATAVUS Tackle System Teams

In response to tremendous demand, we have developed an effective and safe rugby tackling program tailored to the American football market, primarily prescriptively guiding high school programs and consulting with collegiate programs.

10 11, 2015

Girls High School All Americans

In 2014, we launched the inaugural Girls’ High School All American squad. We aim to progress young female athletes through the High School / U19 / Collegiate age-grade pathway and have devoted financial and programmatic support to the cause.

10 11, 2015

Powered By ATAVUS

Powered By is a fee-for-service, individualized consulting platform for high schools, colleges, clubs and regional state associations. In response to the lack of dedicated resources to existing club and university coaches, we developed our Powered By platform.

10 11, 2015

ATAVUS Coach Seminars

A series of stand-alone Coach Education seminars and workshops aimed at raising the quality of youth coaching in North America.

10 11, 2015

USA Rugby Academy Resident Camp – AGES 18+

A series of targeted (e.g., age, gender) Resident Camps that are longer duration (5-7 days), higher-price point camps that train high-potential athletes in conditions that mimic those of a National Team camp, covering skills, S&C, nutrition and sports psychology.

10 11, 2015

ATAVUS Academy Programming – AGES 16+

The ATAVUS Academy provides sustained and consistent year-round development to athletes and coaches. It includes Resident Senior Academies in Seattle & San Diego; Junior Academies for aspiring players; All-Star squads and an evolving sustained Coach Development program.

10 11, 2015

Youth Rugby Programming – AGES 4-14

We work diligently to increase the number of young athletes exposed to Rugby and to give them fluid technical and game skills at earlier ages. Often, this work is done in partnership with organizations like YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs or Parks Departments. Summer Camps: We run week-long summer camps in multiple locations across greater [...]

28 10, 2015

Will ATAVUS still hold Rugby camps?

Absolutely. Football and Rugby share a common ancestry and at ATAVUS we’re about taking unique characteristics of each sport and how they approach tackling and contact overall and blending the best of both to create an outcome of better, more effective, more efficient and hopefully safer tackles. As we launch our Football program, we’ll continue [...]