Featuring: Hannah Lockwood – USA Rugby Eagle & Serevi Employee

This past week at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, myself along with the other resident athletes in the USA Men’s and Women’s 7’s Rugby programs got a special visit from one of the legends within the rugby world; Waisale Serevi. For those of you who would consider yourselves living on planet Rugby, you know being able to toss a rugby ball around with the King of 7’s is a blessing you count.
There are certain people that we all have met that have altered our perspectives on things for the better; Wais is one of those people. What I have found is that those people usually don’t just teach you a new skill or short cut but rather teach you something that translates into each and everyday. Now, don’t get me wrong, having a two hour kicking session with the King of Sevens will be something I brag about to all my friends, but it was not the skill but the perspective that will resonate with me for the rest of my life.
Treat every kick as if it’s your last kick, treat every training as if it’s the last game of your career – do everything with a purpose.”
Reading that you may think, well duh Lockwood, but it becomes so easy for us to forget to take that perspective into our trainings, games and lives.  We get into this habit of going through the motions where a dropped ball here and there doesn’t mean much but at the end of the day, what if that was your last pass? Would you be satisfied with that?
I know I will be challenging myself to take that perspective into my rugby career and also into my life. Look to cherish each moment as if it was the last moment and take full grasp of the possibility that moment could have.