#INSIDECAMP: Gabi Zablan’s perspective from Serevi’s Resident Camp

#INSIDECAMP gets a behind the scenes look at an athlete’s experience during
Serevi’s Resident Camps – Featured Athlete: Gabi Zablan

In the first installment of our #INSIDECAMP posts, we chatted with Serevi athlete Gabi Zablan in the lead up to her attending the June 18-20 Serevi Collegiate/Adult Women’s Resident Camp held at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.


Gabi trains with other aspiring athletes in Atlanta earlier this year.

Gabi trains with other aspiring athletes in Atlanta earlier this year.

What’s your name, who do you play for, what’s your position, and how long have you been playing rugby?

Gabi Zablan, The University of Florida Women’s Rugby Club, outside center and recently flanker, I have been playing since September 2013.

What other sports have you played, and how is rugby the same, different, or better?

Throughout school, I played basketball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer, all of which shaped me into an extremely competitive person, and rugby has only intensified that. One of my favorite things about rugby that the other sports don’t bring is the level of physicality during games. This part of the game challenges to my physical limit during games and off the pitch in the gym to push just a bit harder.

What are two rugby specific skills you want to work on this summer at Camp?

I’ve never played sevens before so I am interested to learn the fundamentals of sevens like my off the ball movements on offense and defense. Also, I feel like I could always improve on tackling, specifically open field tackling because I feel like there will be a lot of one on one situations in 7’s.

So far in your rugby career, what is your favorite memory playing or training?

My favorite moment was when a few of my teammates and I attended the Serevi camp in Atlanta. Being from Florida, we aren’t very well acclimated to the cold and this camp happened to fall in February on Valentines day and that following weekend. The second day of camp we got to the field that morning and it was freezing cold (to us at least). To keep warm, my teammates, other campers and I started tossing the ball and making jokes about how cold we were. The sense of community I felt by being around a bunch of other rugby players, who at the time were strangers, making the best of a situation doing the thing we all love really left an impression on me about the sport and why it is so great. After the training we got to see the USA 7’s women play and that was pretty inspiring.