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1) Head to

2) Click the large orange button that says
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3) If you are not already a member of GoFundMe, a smaller pop-up window will come up where you can sign up for free. GoFundMe’s fee is 5% from each donation you receive. WePay’s fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. If you agree with all terms and are ready to fund raise for the USA Rugby Academy Residency Program Powered By ATAVUS, fill in your first & last name, current email address, and create a simple, easy to remember password.

4) Click the large orange button that says
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5) Campaign Type: Personal

6) Goal Amount: when creating your goal amount, take into account the registration cost as well as your travel expenses.

**Make sure your amount is in US Dollars

7) Page Title: you have a 40-character limit.

8) Page Color: pick your favorite color.

9) Photo: Use your favorite action shot or rugby photo. If you would like a branded, USA Rugby Academy Powered By ATAVUS image – please email us at

**It should be in JPEG format to make uploading easy.

10) Message: write your own personal message or use the draft we wrote for you. Be sure to replace the highlighted sections with your personal and factual information.

Dear Friends and Family, As you may know, I have been playing rugby for [X] years and it is going to be welcomed back to the Olympics at the 2016 Rio Games. I currently play for [CLUB/SCHOOL] and hope to one day represent my country on the field and play for the U.S. National Team. [INSERT PERSONAL OR TEAM AWARDS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR WHAT RUGBY MEANS TO YOU]. I was recently invited to be a part of the ATAVUS Rugby Residency Program this summer and would love your support in pursuing my rugby goals. The USA Rugby Academy, powered by ATAVUS, is a multi-faceted programming platform designed to identify and develop performance-critical areas in athletes. ATAVUS camps and programs like the Residency Program exploit these areas to USA Rugby All-American and National Team coaches for both 15s and 7s.

Being a part of this programming is a great opportunity for me to grow as a player, showcase my rugby skill, and be exposed to a National Team training environment. The ATAVUS Residency Program is a weeklong training camp in [INSERT LOCATION] and unfortunately my travel expenses are not included in the program registration costs. Thank you for your support and kind donations to help me make it to the camp and help me become the best rugby player I can be. ATAVUS Residency Program page can be found here:

I’d like to thank all the people that have already contributed to my rugby aspirations. Your support is truly much appreciated.

Thank you for your support.


11) Reward Level or Wish List: It is optional to add in reward levels or wish lists.

Ex) reward level would be “if you donate $50 to my page, I will buy you a ATAVUS rugby hat form their online store.” (ATAVUS Rugby is NOT responsible for following through with reward level promises you create. These are optional for you. They may attract more donations.)

Ex) Wish list would allow you to separate your travel expenses from your registration expenses. You can create a Registration Pod with a goal cost of $XXX and a separate Travel Expenses Pod with a goal cost of $XXX and donors can chose to specify and see where their money is going. Ether way, all the money will go to you and your overall expenses and get you one step closer to getting to camp.

12) Connect your GoFundMe donations page to your social media outlets: Link it to your Facebook, Twitter, email accounts, and more…

13) Copy and paste the link provided by GoFundMe and post it EVERYWHERE. Tweet it, post it on your friends and family’s Facebook walls, email it to teammates, coaches, and fans, etc.

14) Print your Donations page sign provided by GoFundMe and post it in your school, in coffee shops, at the supermarket, on local town bulletin boards, etc. Be sure to ask permission before you post your sign anywhere.

Good luck fundraising! Don’t be shy; ask us for help if you need it.