#INSIDECAMP: High Schooler Ciel Arbour-Boehme

#INSIDECAMP at Serevi Resident Camps – Featured Athlete: Ciel Arbour-Boehme

We asked Canadian-American high school player Ciel Arbour-Boehme a few questions as she prepped for the recent Serevi High School Girls Resident Camp at the OTC in San Diego


What’s your name, who do you play for, what’s your position, and how long have you been playing rugby?

My name is Ciel Arbour-Boehme, I play for Brentwood College School, as well as Vancouver Island, and team British Columbia; I have been playing rugby for seven years now, and each time I play or practice, I love the game even more.

Ciel3 ResCampWhat other sports have you played, and how is rugby the same, different, or better?

Since I could walk, sports have been a massive part of my life, from surfing starting when I was five, to baseball and softball for nine years. Some sports I’ve played competitively are tennis, swimming, baseball, fast-pitch, rowing and rugby, to name a few. The reason rugby is my number one, my go-to game, and my source of happiness is because of the people who play it; I’ve made life-long friends, met role-models, and essentially become the best person and athlete I can be because of the environment rugby creates. “Rugby is a ruffians game played by gentlemen” (or women). On the field, you are dependant on each of your teammates for safety and support. I stick to rugby because it teaches copious morals, ethics, fitness, skill, “grit and joy”.

What are two rugby specific skills you want to work on this summer at Camp?

This, camp I look forward to working on improving my long-distance spin passes, scrum half passes, and sprint time.

So far in your rugby career, what is your favorite memory playing or training?Ciel2 ResCamp

My favourite memory from a rugby team would be team British Columbia in the Las Vegas 7s for U18 Girls, where our team would kick-off to the right, just on the ten metre line from the half way, myself being hook and my best friend, Caroline, as prop would chase down the ball, she would make the first tackle, I would pass scrum half style to the back line that would attack wide, then the ball would come back to the forwards; we are all fierce sprinters and during the Vegas 7s, we scored eighteen times from this simple series of moves. It will always be in my mind: simple rugby wins games. For me, rugby is not an activity I play as a past time, its more of a personality trait; “I’m Ciel, I have brown hair and blue eyes, and I play rugby.” Being from Canada, and having dual-citizenship opens a multitude of doors for rugby, and university. I plan on playing NCAA rugby after I graduate in 2015, where I strive to give back to US rugby.