[Intern Blog] Level 200 USA Rugby Coaching Course

Austin Cagaanan | July 2, 2015

This past Sunday, I attended USA Rugby’s Level 200 Coaching Course. This course was used to help introduce the concepts of how to be a good coach by implementing a rugby approach.  The course focuses on player welfare and teaching players the technical skills to play safely and was instructed by Lisa Rosen and Richard Morris. This was an amazing opportunity for me because it not only allows me to be able to coach rugby but it also taught me some things about the game that I didn’t know. I had been looking into getting more involved in the coaching world of rugby and when this was presented to me I immediately took the opportunity.
One of the most helpful aspects of the course was when we were split into small groups and had to coach each other how to tackle safely.  It wasn’t for us to learn how to tackle but instead it helped each of us learn how to coach more effectively. The instructors first showed us how they would coach the entire tackle technique and then turned it over to us to try. We would each take turns coaching different parts of the tackle technique and our peers would give us helpful advice and so would the instructors. This was really fun to watch because it showed how each coach can have a completely different way of describing a drill or skill and yet it was still very effective.
We then were put into separate groups from the first one and were told that we were in charge of instructing a whole-part-whole training session. A whole-part-whole session is a session that starts out with a game or drill that incorporates multiple principals of rugby and the coaches observe this game to find problem areas and after the coach identifies the problems creates a small drill that will focus mainly on those areas and after the drill go back to the original game. This course was very helpful and I know I will be able to use the different drills and techniques we were taught for a long time.