June 15, 2015

Last Wednesday, we unveiled our rebrand from Serevi to ATAVUS. At the Seattle office, we celebrated the milestone event with an afternoon with food and drinks with the founders, including Waisale Serevi and Chris & Julie Prentice. It is an exciting time for this company and as interns we have a fresh perspective! We each wrote a little something including our thoughts on the rebrand and how we were involved in the unveiling of ATAVUS.

Austin Cagaanan

“The rebrand to ATAVUS was a brilliant idea because the Serevi brand was starting to become associated with event based development and the notion of only being for 7’s rugby. We are not only changing the name in the rebrand but also what we are known for will change and allow the company to continue to grow and continue to create remarkable people. ATAVUS is going to become a name that is recognized in every facet of the game that will range from improving the level of performance of both players and coaches to supporting the growth of the game through the unrivaled community of rugby. To be involved with the Serevi rebrand to ATAVUS was an exciting and unique experience and allowed me to see firsthand the amount of effort that is needed for everything to happen smoothly. I was able to assist with a variety of the components of the new website, while also working on creating new office templates and different digital assets that will help around the office.”

Natasha Perera

“As someone who’s been active in the rugby community for fifteen years, Serevi’s rebranding as ATAVUS couldn’t have come at a better time. We are at the brink of rugby being huge (think more media coverage, integration into the youth school system, and the Olympics being right around the corner), and a solidified and reputable rugby brand leading the way for expansion is exactly what the nation needs. I know that many people are confused by the change, and some even feel a bit uneasy. But they should rest assured that the rebranding will bring many positive outcomes from the same great team that established Serevi and helped athletes succeed. Same game, new name, as we say! I am so excited for new partnerships, camps, and opportunities, that are going to result from ATAVUS. I am beyond lucky to be working my dream job at such a pivotal time in rugby’s history, and know that ATAVUS is going to help spread rugby and make many coaches and athletes’ dreams come true. The future is looking bright!”

Blaze Byrd

“Being a part of the rebrand has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much about the company, from where they started as Serevi with five employees five years ago to the current day where ATAVUS has more than 40 employees; they have grown so much in that short time. The Serevi brand obviously had extreme ties to Waisale Serevi himself therefore there was an emphasis on 7s—this rebrand allows the company to continue to grow without emphasis on just 7s and expand into different arenas. There are so pieces involved in the rebranding process and I think that we were able to execute this process well and communicate the reason for the name change to the rugby community. Becoming ATAVUS has not changed the company’s commitment to growing the game of rugby and I think that is what is most important because I believe we are on the brink of rugby becoming a mainstream American sport. As for my involvement in the process of becoming ATAVUS, I was involved in creating templates with the new logo and look for our sales team and various other materials that we will use in the office. I also was tasked with finding and cropping pictures for the website. There are so many intricate parts that go into launching a rebrand and as an intern it was great to experience!”