[Intern Blog] Serevi Goes to the Ballgame #PutEmOnTheWing

Blaze Byrd | June 3, 2015

On Monday night, we went the Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees MLB game at SafeCo Field. This was only my second MLB game and I knew nothing about either team. Rumor around the office was that the Mariners beloved and most celebrated pitcher, Felix Hernandez, would be taking the mound. Mariners’ fans call Hernandez “The King” and there is an entire section at the field dedicated to Hernandez, known as “King’s Court” where everyone wears yellow shirts donned with a “K” which has the double meaning of King and strike at SafeCo. Hernandez lived up to his name the first few innings before falling apart. The Yankees hit a Grand Slam which I hear is not common, but it was my second MLB game and second Grand Slam I’ve seen! The Mariners ultimately lost 7-2.
Only two interns have arrived at the Seattle office so far, myself and Austin Cagaanan, and we attended the game with Carly MacKinnon, Alyson Osborn and Nick Evans. We had ballpark hot dogs (I never go to a game without getting a hot dog) and topped the night off with garlic fries, a specialty at SafeCo, that were delicious. It was a chilly night for a girl from the South who is used to temperatures being in the 90s in June, but it was typical Seattle weather which added to the experience.

Over the past year, I have toured about a dozen sports facilities with my graduate program and this one of the most impressive facilities I have been to. SafeCo Field has a retractable roof which is genius for the weather conditions of Seattle. When we arrived it was not raining, so the roof was open but during the 3rd inning it began raining so they decided to close the roof. This was done in the middle of the inning, while the game was still ongoing. On the particular night we were there, it took about 15 minutes for the roof to close, but how long it takes depends on wind and other factors. Their WiFi was also free and worked great which is a huge amenity, especially for a group of marketing professionals.


They had a pitching booth where you could test how fast you could throw a baseball on one of the concourses. Nick was the only one to step up and try to see how fast he could pitch a baseball. His fastest pitch was 74 MPH. Our seats were directly above this booth so it was huge source of entertainment for us throughout the game. We saw two people pitch in the 90s during the game which was extremely impressive. Nick’s pitch can be seen in slow motion in the video below.