We asked David Chapman and Anne-Marie Lemal Brown, Colgate U’s Men’s and Women’s Coaches, 

a few questions about their teams’ collaboration with Serevi Rugby


serevi_colgateGive us a quick overview of your men’s and women’s programs.

Colgate University RFC is lucky to recruit well-rounded athletes from our student body. Although dedicated to getting better and stronger, we are often the smaller team on the pitch. Speed and precision are considered our strengths. We also have to rely heavily on strong technique in the set-piece. This past year, defense was a weaker point for us due to our inability to finish tackles. This spring we will be working to improve our tracking and tackling skills and clean-up our defensive patterns.

What are your short and long-term goals for your teams and the Colgate program?

A long-term goal for CURFC is to continue our growth and compete with the top programs across the nation and ultimately win a national championship. We hope to improve the level of rugby played along with increase awareness about rugby throughout the northeast. Short term goals are to improve on our successes from our first 7s season and to continue to improve our 15s program.

How does working with Serevi Rugby fit into those goals?

The skills and patterns that Coach Wais and Coach Pate presented to us will raise the bar of training for us and ultimately help us in achieving our goal of improving our 7s program. Those skills will also increase the level of play for our 15s program.

Tell us a bit about your and your players experience with the Serevi coaches.

Being able to spend time with Coach Wais and Coach Pate was absolutely phenomenal. Watching how they interact with the players definitely opened my eyes on how to improve communication to get the best possible result. Each player that took part in the camp walked away re-energized and an improved player.

What do you believe is the role of collegiate rugby today?

In previous years, the college game was used to introduce the game to adult players in order to increase awareness of the game. Now the collegiate role has moved from an introductory level to a building level. With the starting age of rugby players getting younger and younger, the college game is becoming more and more competitive. Competitive programs are popping up everywhere.

What does collegiate rugby need in order to continue growing?

At the moment, there are too many different championships (USA, ACRC, CRC, etc). Uniformity would truly benefit college rugby. Granted not all college teams are on the same level, but having teams pick and chose their conferences based on self chosen criteria is detrimental to the game. Moving year to year, conferences are constantly redefining themselves because their is no true governing body to protect against these types of moves. Having one “solid” governing body that assist the conferences and teams with program alliance, travel arrangements, and various other needs would be a step in the right direction.

Any fun stories, or highlights, from your initial work with the Serevi team?

Having two Fijians visit our campus in upstate NY making snow angels was definitely a highlight! Seeing Serevi running through the snow to score a try under the post was fun to watch! Having the opportunity to discuss their experiences was truly amazing. We should have some of these pictures on FB, twitter, and instagram.