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College Connection

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USA Rugby Academy Resident Camps


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College Connection

With Rugby making the transition to becoming fully supported by many colleges across the country it is important for high school athletes to understand the collegiate Rugby landscape and the recruiting process. It is also critical to establish formalized ways for prospective student-athletes and college coaches to connect. Nationally recognized Rugger’s Edge and Atavus have partnered to roll out professionally monitored recruitment formats for college coaches and student-athletes. These events will be modeled after those already established in other American sports, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Basketball, etc.

Offers a series of college connection opportunities in conjunction with the USAR Academy training camps Powered By Atavus currently held around the country.
Provides aspiring student-athletes and current coaches an opportunity to connect in a professional environment.
Provides coaches the opportunity to watch and personally connect with prospective student-athletes in a developmental environment over an extended period of time (verses a competitive environment such as a game, tryout, or tournament).
Coaches are encouraged to publicize their school and Rugby program to the athletes and their families.

College and university coaches and coaching staff members are invited to:
USA Rugby Academy Training Camps
USA Rugby Academy High School Resident Camps

ATAVUS selects specific USARA events to feature College Connection
The USA Rugby Academy and The Rugger’s Edge invite coaches to The USA Rugby Academy events.
Coaches nationwide are invited.
Coaches do NOT have to be invited to attend, but they do need to REGISTER.
Any athlete registered for the USA Rugby Academy Camps can be a part of the connection.
Athlete’s who fill out the PLAYER PROFILE and sign the disclosure agreement (part of event registration) will be connected to coaches.

All coaches who wish to attend a specified College Connection event must REGISTER with USA Rugby Academy.
Athletes who register for the USA Rugby Academy camps are asked to fill out a ” PLAYER PROFILE.”
Athletes (or their parent/guardian if they are under 18yo) agree to a disclosure agreement as part of their registration.
PLAYER PROFILES are distributed to registered coaches post event.
One (1) hour college fair events & informational seminars open to parents may be included as part of the event depending on available resources.
Coaches will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to athletes and interact on camp day.

Register for a USA Rugby Academy Camp HERE
Fill out your PLAYER PROFILE
Register AS A COACH to observe a USA Rugby Academy Camp HERE

Email Atavus College Connection Coordinator, Nick Evans for more information about the College Connections.

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QBE Scholarship for Resident Camps

Through our partnership with QBE, scholarships are made available for our USA Rugby Academy Resident Camps. With their generosity, we are able to grant aid to male and female athletes needing financial support in order to attend camps nationwide.

Athletes interested in applying for a scholarship to a USA Rugby Academy RESIDENT CAMP can fill out the Application on this page. Additionally, applicants are required to collect TWO (2) references. References can be completed by coaches, administrators, captains, referees, etc…

Applications will not be considered complete until both the application and TWO references have been submitted. It is the athletes’ responsibility to finalize their application. Please read the following drop-down menu items before applying.

Due to Atavus’s partnership with QBE, these scholarships are made available for our USA Rugby Academy High Performance programming. With their generosity, we are able to grant aid to male and female athletes needing financial support. The scholarship covers the full cost of registration for camp, but not travel to/from or other associated camp expenses.

Preference will be shown to candidates who would not otherwise be able to attend without financial support. Eligible applicants should be 15 years of age or older. We welcome all levels: high school, college, and club athletes are all encouraged to apply.

We and our partners at QBE feel strongly that the game should be accessible to as many deserving athletes as possible. This is a way for us to recognize the passion, motivation, and hard work of some athletes for whom camp fees are an obstacle

An internal team will meet prior to each camp to consider submitted applications who made the deadline and grant scholarships. Once recipients have been decided upon, only those who have been selected will be notified by Atavus. Due to the increased number of incoming applications we regret to admit we are unable to respond to everyone. is another great option to help you get to a USA Rugby Academy Resident Camp. Check it out!