[The Rugby Republic] On The Road To Rio: Trekking With Nathalie Marchino

In our initial feature on Nathalie Marchino (Running To A Rio Rugby Dream: Part V), we spoke how Marchino had previously played with both the USA Eagles for 7s and 15s including World Cups for each (7s and 15s). We also discussed that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a different and stricter set of rules for eligibility than World Rugby has, and since Marchino (a resident of the States) does not hold US citizenship she is ineligible to play with the Eagles in Rio.

The positive side is that Nathalie was eligible to suit up for Colombia who has qualified for Rio later this summer.While many of Marchino’s teammates from both the USA Eagles and the Berkley All Blues have been able to train full-time as residents athletes at the USA Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Chula Vista and with the Eagles, Marchino has had to do the work mostly independently.

Currently, Marchino has been in Colombia with the national team there, but she put in a great deal of work before flying to the southern hemisphere, and continues to work for the 2016 Summer Games.

We followed up with Marchino to see how her journey to Rio is going, but also to show the readers and future Olympic hopefuls that the road to the summer game is long, and grueling, but for those willing to do the work like Marchino it can be a worthwhile reality.

Here is our interview with Marchino!