[Rugby Today] ATAVUS Partnership Introduces Rugby Specific S&C Programming

SEATTLE – (April 27, 2016) ATAVUS  and Volt Athletics today announced the launch of a new technology platform to bring individualized, affordable, rugby-specific strength and conditioning (S&C) programs to athletes around the world. Volt Athletics’ technology will deliver rugby-specific training built by veteran ATAVUS high performance coaches, allowing rugby players to train like an ATAVUS athlete regardless of location. The program can be used by coaches to implement training for their team or by athletes training on their own.

“Volt’s new mobile-friendly platform opens the door to the high performance S&C programs that today’s rugby players need to compete at all levels of our growing game,” said Emilie Bydwell, Head of Rugby Programming for ATAVUS. “Volt’s technology combined with our rugby-specific exercises and movements make for a powerful platform that allows athletes anywhere to train as if they were at an ATAVUS Academy.”

Built by ATAVUS High Performance Director and veteran S&C expert Chris Tombs, the program is a comprehensive 52-week strength-training program that reinforces ATAVUS’ training philosophy and includes movement patterns and prescriptive loading. Based on simple inputs by the coach or athlete, Volt’s technology builds the optimal training calendar for each athlete, customizes the training to each athlete’s strength level and generates an athlete’s individualized workout for the day.

Individualized workouts are accessible via any device through the new Volt iPhone app or mobile-friendly website and include specific instructions, sets, reps, and prescribed weights, as well as visual cues, including photos and video. Over time, the rugby-specific training program grows with athletes by calibrating appropriate fluctuations in intensity, volume and exercise selections to help athletes avoid plateaus and overtraining.

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