Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll uses rugby to tackle safety concerns

It totally fits…our game was born out of your game, so it makes perfect sense. The only difference is that we have gear, but we still have to maintain safety. All the equipment in the world can’t ensure safety, but equipment along with the proper technique can help safety, and that’s what we’re looking for. Yet at the same time maintaining the integrity of the game, being tough and physical at the same time, and we felt like we’ve found a good match. Serevi has been great to learn from.”
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Rocky Seto, Seattle Seahawks Defensive Passing Game Coordinator – on relationship with Serevi Rugby.
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Four years ago Waisale Serevi moved to Seattle to spread the game of rugby with kids across North America and has since built the Serevi Rugby programs to introduce thousands of kids ages 4-18 into the sport, as well as partnering with USA Rugby to train the nation’s next national team members. Around the same time Waisale met Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll and the two clicked instantly. Since that first meeting Waisale, Ben Gollings, and other members of the Serevi team have visited with the Seahawks training facility a number of times. This past week Waisale was invited by Coach Carroll and Defensive Coach Rocky Seto to meet with the team to discuss tackling techniques, meanwhile Serevi Rugby’s Ben Gollings and High Performance Manager Chris Tombs toured the Seahawks strength and conditioning facilities and met with Seahawks sports science specialists.
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After Seahawks training on Friday, August 1st we caught up with Coach Seto and to hear about how the relationship came about and how and why the Seahawks are utilizing the knowledge Serevi can bring from his years of experience on the rugby pitch.


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The Guardian (US) also took a deeper look at the issue of tackling safety and the Seahawks incorporation of rugby techniques  into their drills and approach. Read More HERE