Since opening our doors in 2011 Serevi Rugby has been at the forefront of the USA’s growing rugby community. Our founders, partners, staff, and team of coaches share an intense enthusiasm for rugby and are relentless when it comes to growing the game. The growth and awareness is a proven success in our programming participation across the country and beyond.

What stands out about Serevi Rugby Programming and sets us apart from other rugby camps is our notion that rugby is for everyone. If you have never heard of the game, are looking for a new activity for your children, are working to pursue rugby as a varsity sport, aspire to play at the highest levels, or want to get or stay involved as a coach, Serevi has a program for you.

Our performance pathway shows the five main components of Serevi Rugby Programming surrounded by the specific elements that make up each of our main facets.

Serevi Youth Rugby

SEREVI YOUTH is aimed to introduce rugby to the youngest athletes and provide age-appropriate training to children up to 12 years old. After school programs, summer camps, and non-contact leagues provide extended opportunities for young players and their parents to sharpen their understanding of rugby. Our youth program design and delivery emphasize safety, sportsmanship, and respect—values that will be carried with kids throughout the rest of their lives. As the kids mature as athletes and competition increases, so does the expectation of teamwork, sportsmanship, and cooperation. By partnering with local community organizations and city parks and recreation divisions, we have been able to build rugby communities with structured session plans and consistent year-round schedules.


USA Rugby Academy Powered by Serevi

THE USA RUGBY ACADEMY, POWERED BY SEREVI is designed to identify and develop performance-critical areas in athletes and to exploit these areas to USA Rugby scholastic teams, All-American, and National Team coaches for both 15s and 7s. Our partnership with USA Rugby and our development of the USA Rugby Academy has enhanced our programming for high school aged boys and girls from novice through high performance. USA Rugby and Serevi share an important set of goals: to increase access to rugby, improve the overall quality of players and coaches, and provide expanded opportunity for American athletes.  Serevi’s talent identification (Talent ID) component of the Academy serves to funnel talent into the USA 15s and Olympic 7s player pools. The High Performance and Development Training Camps emphasize skill development, unit skills, situational awareness and decision-making for seasoned players and provide ample opportunities for high-potential crossover athletes to commence their rugby career. Outstanding athletes in the Academy will be invited to our multi-day Resident Camps where they will train for 5 days in an immersive, national team-modeled environment with Serevi and USA National Team coaches.



Because our programs are aligned with national high performance standards, the skills and training players will receive will put them on a pathway for higher levels of rugby including collegiate and potentially national team consideration.–Ross Young, CEO

Serevi Rugby Institute

THE SEREVI RUGBY INSTITUTE is where the potential of all players is maximized. Designed by rugby-specific strength and conditioning specialist Chris Tombs and England’s top try scorer Ben Gollings, the Rugby Institute is the perfect compliment to a rugby players current training regimen. The strength and conditioning specific programming is guaranteed to shift you into your top performing gears and introduce you to international and professional rugby training regimes. Athletes in the Serevi Rugby Institute experience individualized strength and conditioning programs updated weekly as well as on-field rugby specific skill sessions. The training schedule and loads are formatted with the players’ personal schedules and goals in mind. The SRI Programming is currently available through a monthly membership at our downtown Seattle strength and conditioning facility–NS Performance Washington Sports Academy. It is popular with local club and national team players, fitting seamlessly in their currently work and rugby schedules, and makes us excited for the commencement of other Serevi Rugby Institute Programs around the country.  [/two_thirds]


USA Rugby High School, College, Club & National Teams

CLUB TEAMS, VARSITY TEAMS, AND THE NATIONAL TEAMS are just a few of the doors the Serevi Performance Pathway can open for aspiring athletes. The Pathway is a source of options for anyone looking to start or continue their rugby experience. We hope to open opportunities and shatter the glass ceilings for rugby players at all levels. Partnerships with schools at the high school and college level elevates the game for student-athletes and exposes their talent to higher level coaches. With few international playing options out of the USA, Serevi created the brand-encompassing Selects Teams. Not only do the Serevi Select Teams showcase individual players’ talent, but also the success of our programming and the performance pathway. Having an internationally competitive outlet for men and women in addition to the US National teams provides players with an additional ambition to drive their rugby goals. Although players from within our programs are familiar faces on these teams due to their familiarity of or event schedule, The Selects are open to all players and we hope to attract enough interest to participate in tournaments on a regular basis. Internationally competitive teams for both men and women show what Serevi can do for rugby players with even the highest aspirations.[/two_thirds]


Coach Education

SEREVI COACH EDUCATION reveals the many roles of being a coach beyond the technical aspects. Coaching is one of the most crucial factors in developing, maintaining, and increasing participation in rugby. Coaching is a valuable and rewarding way to get or stay involved in rugby no matter what your experience is. In the Serevi Coaching Workshops and Seminars, we want to give you and your team the tools necessary to perform at your best. All coaching workshops are hands on and practical and cover aspects of both 15s and 7s rugby. Our coaching workshops cover both technical and applied components such as coaching philosophy, organizing a training session, and game management. All attending coaches qualify for the Professional Development Credits (PDCs), which can be used to satisfy USA Rugby’s annual certification requirements and certification options are available at certain workshops. As rugby grows in popularity and numbers, we’ll need more and more coaches in the system. Those coaches will need to continuously improve their skills in both the coaching and technical sides of the game. At Serevi Coaching Workshops, we emphasize the importance of paving the path for our athletes to develop.

Upcoming Coaching Workshops:

Las Vegas February 11, 12 & 13 Learn More and Register

Atlanta March 12, 13 & 14 Learn More and Register



Backed by a team of leading international players and coaches, Serevi serves players and coaches across the entire spectrum. Serevi’s global programming includes youth development camps for boys and girls; developmental and high performance training camps for middle school, high school, collegiate, and post college athletes; The USA Rugby Academy powered by Serevi®, our very own Internationally competitive touring teams, and coaching and administrative rugby education. At Serevi we understand performance is not synonymous with elite or high-level athletes. 

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