Atavus Rugby Camp

Atavus Rugby Camp

HS | East | USA Rugby Academy Resident Camp

Fairfield University
1073 N Benson Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824
Jul 11 - Jul 14, 2018
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Male | Female
AGES: 14 - 19



*Group Rates Available

This USA Rugby Academy Resident Camp will establish a strong technical foundation for game understanding, accelerated skill acquisition, and encourage athletes to apply their technique under increased pressure, and act instinctively in both attack and defense. Available for male and female athletes ages 14 - 19 (players are segmented by age and ability).

Early Bird Discount: Exp. May 1st Use code EARLYBIRD to get $50.
Commuter Rate: If you plan on commuting to camp, use code COMMUTER to remove rooming fee.

Our Coaching Philosophy
  • Develop instinctive athletes
  • Maximize player potential
  • Prepare athletes to achieve their goals
  • Train skills necessary for the modern game
We train an attacking mindset by creating an environment where athletes see opportunity and are encouraged to experiment. We want every athlete to leave an Atavus program feeling inspired and wanting the ball in their hands. We focus on developing the critical skills necessary to get behind the defensive line using vision, awareness, and creativity. Our process is player centered and outcome-oriented, driven from the 'why'. Skills are trained through a combination of technical execution, pressure, and context, using variable & deliberate arctic to accelerate skills development and fortify transfer from the training put to game day.

Developing Modern Rugby Athletes
  • Get behind the line: Step off both feet, and accelerate into space through contact.
  • Maintain and preserve space: Pass off both hands at the right time, with the correct weight & manage their alignment, foot-speed & running lines to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Create and manipulate space: Read the micro & macro cues of the defense.
  • Give life to the ball: Keep the ball alive through offloading, inject energy with effective support lines, create fast ball.
  • Manage defensive situations confidently, regardless of space and mismatches: Track & tackle effectively off both shoulders, and understand how to manage space to their advantage.
  • Slow down opponent's attacking ball to regain advantage: Effective & deliberate actions post contact.

Tentative Schedule:

Arriving and Departing - Flying:

  • July 11th: Arrive Bradley International Airport Before 11:20 am - Shuttle to Fairfield will depart at 12:30 pm
  • July 14th: Depart Bradley International Airport After 3 pm

Arriving and Departing - Driving:

  • July 11th: Player Checking-in 12:30 pm
  • July 14th: Player Check-out 1 pm
Craig Wilson, Greg McWilliams, James English, and Tiffany Faae’e
Atavus Camp Schedule
Atavus Camp Schedule

Group Rates

  • 5 athletes = 10% Discount

Payment Plans are available for each camp. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact


Frequent Resident Camp Questions

Can my son/daughter pick her/his own roommate?
If you would like to select your own roommate, contact the person below and remind your coaches upon arrival.

Is transport provided?
Yes! To and from the airport. See schedule for more details.

Is food and accommodation included?
Yes, all three meals and room included.

What's the main differences between training camp and resident?
Resident camps allow for a closer bonding experience much like a team. The kids will be spending more time together allowing them to make those lifelong rugby friends from across the country and globe.

If my son/daughter chooses to commute, what are the main differences to the players that are residents?
The only difference between a commuter and a resident is that they will not be provided a room. They will still get meals and the same playing experience.

If my son/daughter chooses to commute, what time is pick up and drop off?
Please see schedule. On time field programing ends after dinner. (First Day 11am drop off).

Can you accommodate to players with allergies?
Of course, make sure to list allergies on registration form.

Will they need pocket money?
You will have some free time so bring money if you would like.

Will they need extra clothes/towels?
Extra clothes and towels is always a good idea.

Have other questions? Contact: