Atavus Rugby Camp

Atavus Rugby Camp

Issaquah Spring After School

Central Park
Central Park,,
Apr 20 - Jun 8, 2018
4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
Male | Female
AGES: 4 - 12



Atavus Rugby has developed a youth curriculum full of games and skills inspired by rugby, leveraging the sport’s positive qualities to focus on multiple aspects of your child’s physical development and personal growth. Games such as ultimate rugby and capture the flag will be partnered with drills to allow players to expand on a variety of skills including catch-pass ability, leadership, evasion, decision-making, and confidence in contact all while having fun through play. This program requires no experience in rugby and the skills learned during our programming can be applied to other sports! Players will all receive a variety of Atavus Rugby gear including a camp t-shirt and wristband.
Every Friday Resident and Non-Resident fees apply.

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