8 06, 2016

[NJ.com True Jersey] Why is Rutgers Football Coach Chris Ash at a rugby tournament in Philadelphia this weekend?

Ever since he changed his ways of teaching tackling techniques in 2014 by following the lead of Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and introducing to his Ohio State charges a shoulder-leverage tackling method that is similar to the style used by helmet-less players in rugby, Chris Ash has been willing to tell anyone willing to listen why [...]

19 05, 2016

[The Rugby Republic] On The Road To Rio: Trekking With Nathalie Marchino

In our initial feature on Nathalie Marchino (Running To A Rio Rugby Dream: Part V), we spoke how Marchino had previously played with both the USA Eagles for 7s and 15s including World Cups for each (7s and 15s). We also discussed that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a different and stricter set of [...]

17 05, 2016

[K-State Sports] Atavus Football Holds Tackling Clinic at K-State

Building on its work with other top Division I football programs, Atavus Football introduced high school coaches from across Kansas to its Rugby-inspired, shoulder-led tackling system developed to provide a competitive edge in today’s quickly evolving game and new sets of rules. During the weekend of Friday, May 6, Atavus coaches met with the K-State [...]