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Training Camps
Resident Camps
Assessment Combines

USA Rugby Academy Training Camps

Our two-day rugby training camps establish a strong technical foundation for game understanding, accelerated skill acquisition, and encourage athletes to apply their technique under increased pressure, and act instinctively in both attack and defense.

Available for male and female athletes ages 14+ (players are segmented by age and ability).

USA Rugby Academy Resident Camps

A four-day unique rugby experience replicating the training environment of a National Team assembly. Players will work with National Team and other high-level coaches to coach and develop skills, decision making, strength & conditioning, nutrition, and sports psychology. The camp culminates in matches between teams hand selected by the camp coaches, allowing athletes to implement what they have just learned into live play and to further throw their hand up for additional selections.

USA Rugby Academy Assessment Combine

One-day National Assessment Combines (NAC) are hosted in conjunction with local partners and existing National Development Academies (NDAs).