[USA Rugby] USA Rugby Announces Women’s Age-Grade Player Pool

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby announces age-grade pool of 38 players that were identified at the winter National All-Star Competition in Lakeland, Fla., as well as the various 2015 tours. The age-grade coaches have identified the players they believe have a strong chance to become Eagles and play in World Cups and Olympics. Players in the pool will get developmental resources to accelerate their progression.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for players to get resources that give them the best possible chance of being an Eagle,” said Wil Snape, AIG Women’s Junior All-American head coach. “We’ve selected players that have proven drive, talent, and potential. The players have shown these attributes in high performance environments at all-star events and some in full age-grade internationals, and now they will have the necessary support to continue to grow elite-player habits and lifestyle choices.”

With 16 players in the Eagle pool that are still eligible for the age-grade programs, this pool has a number of exciting up-and-coming players, including seven still in high school.



Stephanie Browne | USA Rugby Academy

Kayla Canett | ATAVUS Academy (San Diego), USA Rugby Academy, ATAVUS All-Star

Atumata Hingano | ATAVUS All-Star

Katana Howard | ATAVUS Academy (Minneapolis)

Leah Ingold | Kent Crusaders & Central Washington University Powered By ATAVUS, ATAVUS All-Star

Nia Toliver | USA Rugby Academy, ATAVUS All-Star

Jenny Johnson |  Kent Crusaders &Central Washington University Powered By ATAVUS

Haley Langan | USA Rugby Academy

Hannah Lewandoski | Central Washington University Powered By ATAVUS, USA Rugby Academy

Edna Manoa | Central Washington University Powered By ATAVUS

Azniv Nalbandian | USA Rugby Academy

Michele Navarro | USA Rugby Academy, ATAVUS Academy (San Diego), ATAVUS All-Star

Emily Prentice | USA Rugby Academy, ATAVUS Academy (Seattle), ATAVUS All-Star


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