[USA Rugby] Women’s Eagles Player Pool for 2016 Competitions Announced

BOULDER, Colo. – The 2016 player pool for the Women’s Eagles, comprised of 49 athletes, has been announced.

The Women’s National Team pathway has been revamped since Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014, where the national team finished sixth with two victories. The WNT Pathway has combined all the age-grade teams with the Women’s Eagles, allowing for enhanced collaboration and accelerated player development. This is reflected in the number of players in the Eagle pool that are still eligible for age-grade programs.

“The new structure allows for there to be visibility from the Eagles all the way down to the Girls High School All-Americans powered by ATAVUS,” said Pete Steinberg, Women’s Eagle head coach. “That visibility enables players that have the potential to be identified earlier and for them to receive the appropriate development opportunities.”

There are 16 players in the pool that are still age-grade eligible, with each of them having competed their way into the pool.


2016 USA Women’s Eagles Competition Player Pool ATAVUS Athletes

Catie Benson | ATAVUS All-Stars

Sylvia Braaten | ATAVUS Academy (Minneapolis), ATAVUS All-Stars

Bianca Dala | ATAVUS Academy (San Diego), ATAVUS All-Stars

Yejadai Dunn | ATAVUS All-Stars

Tess Feury |USA Rugby Academy

Bailey Johnson | USA Rugby Academy, ATAVUS Academy (Minneapolis)

Saskia Morgan | USA Rugby Academy, ATAVUS All-Stars

Deven Oswiany | ATAVUS Academy (San Diego), ATAVUS All-Stars

Taylah Pipkin | USA Rugby Academy

Nate Serevi | Central Washington University Powered By ATAVUS, ATAVUS All-Stars, ATAVUS Academy (Seattle)

Haley Schafer | Central Washington University Powered By ATAVUS

Kelsi Stockert | ATAVUS Academy (Seattle), ATAVUS All-Stars

Elizabeth Trujillo | ATAVUS Academy (San Diego)

Alycia Washington | USA Rugby Academy


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