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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Serevi Ready For Residency Camps, Attendees Excited

This summer Serevi Rugby, in conjunction with U.S.A. Rugby Academy, will hold a series of residency camps in San Diego and Glendale that will offer High School, College, and Adult sessions for men and women. Three of the camps will be at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista while one, the Men's Collegiate and Adult, will be held at Infinity Park. *Note: Serevi is a sponsor of TIAR*

Serevi has used these summer residency camps in the past to identify players that have gone on to play on the national team level. The camps seeks to replicate a national team environment by focusing on nutrition, age-specific strength and conditioning, video sessions, in addition to the on the field training.

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Past attendees of High Performance Training Camps, which are one day affairs rather than residency, have raved about the program. "The Serevi camp was awesome! I learned how to perfect my passing and also good rucking/tackling techniques," said Columbia Rhinos Blake Nesbit. Like many young players in this country Nesbit as been playing rugby for four years and is looking to the camp to raise his game. Nesbit is attending the High School Boy's program at the OTC in June and plans to attend Life University. "I look forward to traveling to California and being in an Olympic environment. I am always trying to improve my rugby skills so learning from the best in the country is massive for me and my growth!"

Gabi Zablan currently attends the University of Florida and will be attending the College & Adult women's camp at the OTC. Gabi also represents a lot of rugby players. She's only been playing the sport since September 2013 but comes from a sporting background having played soccer, volleyball, basketball, and flag football growing up. Like many rugby players now her goal is to play in the Olympics.

Gabi has previous Serevi experience having participated in the camp in Atlanta last February. "I attended the camp in Atlanta which was coincidentally on Valentines day and that following weekend. I really enjoyed the way the coaches taught us the game. They would set up the drills then let us figure out on our own what the drill was actually for. It wasn't until later they would outright say what exactly the drill was getting us to do and when they did, everything seemed to click. The two most important things I learned there were communication and making space. Communication obviously is important, as we don't play sports completely silent, but it takes a bit of thought to be a good communicator. When you have a team with good communication things run smoothly and teams are more successful. When making space, I learned how to recognize and run at angles to use my body or the ball to drag defenders where I wanted them. Those decisive angles would leave space for the team to benefit from"

See below for camp details as well a video from a previous women's camp. (Click here to see more and register)

College & Adult Women: June 16-20 (San Diego)
High School Boys: June 21-15 (San Diego)
High School Girls: July 7-11 (San Diego)
College & Adult Men: August 4-8 (Glendale)

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